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The disABILITY To Cruise [guest post]


My name is Doug Smith, and I live in a town called Peterhead in the North East of Scotland.  I have also lived and worked in Southampton on the South coast of England.  I am a full-time wheelchair user, having Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus since birth.

My working background is in administration, however, I have also worked in the Cruise Industry, having worked, as I mentioned previously, in Southampton, on England’s south coast.

I am currently writing a book about cruising for people with disabilities, which is due out early 2015, and is entitled “The disABILITY To Cruise?”

My book gives you all the information about going on a cruise holiday if you have a disability, but leaves you to ask yourselves whether you think cruising is right for you.

In chapter 1, I ask the question “Do people with disabilities REALLY go cruising?”, then I give you my answer… my 100% honest answer.

I go over, in my opinion, the top 10 reasons (I call them excuses) for people not to go on a cruise holiday, and I discuss the main differences between a package holiday in a resort, and a cruise holiday.  I mention cruising from Southampton, and the global cruise industry, including a mention of the rise in the number of global passengers taking a cruise holiday over the last few years, and the increase in the number of cruise ships being built.

One of the most – in fact, THE most – important chapter in the book, in my opinion, is chapter 5.  “Questions You MUST Ask Yourself Before You Book Your Cruise, If You Have A Disability”.

The book goes on to describe how you can get to the cruise terminal from different parts of the country/world, and gives you handy information about cruising for the first time, as well as what special equipment you can/cannot take with you on a cruise.

Check-In, Security, boarding and looking around your ship is next… including your accessible cabin. I describe the facilities you will more than likely find in your cabin, and the different types of cabin you can book, providing it best suits your needs and requirements.

The book then goes on to describe the pubic areas of the ship, along with the compulsory stuff (fire drill).

Finally, the book lets you know if you can get of the ship in the ports of call if you have a disability.



My book, entitled “The disABILITY To Cruise” will be available worldwide in hardback, paperback and online.  It will be available from the likes of Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones, etc.  The price has yet to be determined, and I am currently in the process of having a website set up for the sale of my book along with any queries customers may have.

Doug Smith


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