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Cruise Ship docked for boarding at Hamilton Brisbane

Where do cruise ships dock in Brisbane

Interested in checking out scenery by the Brisbane cruise terminal? Head down to the Portside Wharf Terminal while you’re at Brisbane and have a taste of Australia by the river.

Brisbane Cruise Terminal – Port Facilities

Many of the major cruise ships dock at the Portside Wharf Cruise Terminal. In case a ship is too large, it is docked at the Multi-Use Terminal. The Portside Wharf Cruise Terminal is located at the north side of the Brisbane River.

The Brisbane Cruise Port is considered an integrated hub of both economic and social interactions. The city ensures that the port is accessible with a variety of transportation modes available around it. Buses, ferries, taxis and trains can take people to and from the port, while parking spaces can also be availed of for private vehicles.

Cruise Ship at Port of Brisbane

Cruise Ship at Port of Brisbane

Terminal Building

The Brisbane Cruise Port was recently built to connect the city to the world through tourism and trade. Located at the southeast of Queensland, the building of the terminal prompted the infrastructure around it to be developed and improved, with project updates released regularly.

Food and Drink

A 10-15 minute drive from the centre of Brisbane, the Portside Wharf Cruise Terminal is also home to a variety of food hubs. Fresh food markets and restaurants can be found near the port, with many to choose from:

  • Aamaya Indian Restaurant: This restaurant brings the flavourful taste of Indian cuisine to the port of Brisbane. Aamaya uses traditional cooking methods in the dishes they serve, giving their customers an authentic taste. Closed on Tuesdays, the restaurant serves dinner on the other six days, with the addition of lunch during Fridays..
  • Bamboo Basket: At Bamboo Basket, diners are served both Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine. The dining experience is also has a visual element where customers are able to see how the cooking process as it happens. Dumplings are filled, dough is rolled and noodles are made right in front of the diners’ eyes. The Bamboo Basket is open all days of the week, starting at around lunch time.
  • Belvedere Bar N Grill: Craving for some succulent steaks? Drop by the Belvedere Bar N Grill to get your fix of their delicious meats right in the heart of the Brisbane port. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of Belvedere vodka and 11 beers, served across dining tables and lounges overlooking the scenic river. Open seven days a week, Belvedere Bar N Grill serves lunch and dinner and has an open bar with an menu available all day.
  • Betong 888 Thai Restaurant: Thailand may be miles away from Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean Thai cuisine won’t be accessible to those within Brisbane. The Betong 888 Thai Restaurant brings authentic Thai dishes to the port, with dishes that include Thai curries and Tom Yum Goong soup. The restaurant is also famous for their specialties such as the Sesame Roast Duck and Crisp Pork Belly. The Betong 888 Thai Restaurant also offers pickup and delivery requests through their online ordering system. Open seven days a week, this Thai restaurant serves lunch and dinner.
  • Burrito Bar: The Burrito Bar prides itself with offering diners a wide range of street-style Mexican dishes, ranging from quesadillas and spicy tacos to sticky chicken wings and chocolate nachos. Burrito Bar takes a piece of authentic Mexico and places it in Brisbane through the restaurant interior, which consists of huge walls with hand-painted Mexican graffiti. Open seven days a week, Burrito Bar hours start at 11 AM until 9 PM.

If these locations don’t feel like something you’re craving just yet, there many more several food places around Portside Wharf Cruise Terminal for you to enjoy. Exploring is half the fun!

Brisbane city business district and suburbs

Brisbane city business district and suburbs

Shopping in Brisbane

This cruise terminal is also home to different shopping brands that range from fashion and fresh food to fitness and health-related items. Most of the shopping can be done in Queen Street Mall, which is surrounded by other shopping centres such as the Myer Centre. Chinatown is also situated on Brunswick Street, which is found in the northeast of the central business district.

City Hall in Brisbane

City Hall in Brisbane

Getting Around Brisbane (Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures)

Access all of what Brisbane has to offer with these modes of transportation to get around:

  • Buses are available to pick-up and drop-off people around the port and nearby attractions and stores. You can check out the bus routes to better plan your trips.
  • Ferries are also available to take people down the Brisbane River from 5:50 AM to 10:30 PM every day. Tickets may be purchased from the Brisbane City Council Customer Centres.
  • The port can also be travelled on foot and enjoyed while checking out the line of stores by the area.
  • Taxis can be hailed from the Fresh n Wild Marketplace from the Portside Wharf precinct entrance.
  • Trains such as the CityTrain, which covers the city of Brisbane, and the AirTrain, which connects the cruise terminal to the airport, are also available.
  • There are also parking lots in the Brisbane central business district where you can leave your vehicle for a maximum of two hours, unless there’s signage that indicates otherwise. Not sure where to park? The Kings Parking helps you search for a parking area nearby.
Brisbane CBD and Brisbane River

Brisbane CBD and Brisbane River

What to Do in Brisbane

Outside of Portside Wharf Cruise Terminal, Brisbane is brimming with sights to discover. We list 5 attractions to check out:

  • City Botanic Gardens: The City Botanic Gardens are located just by the side of Brisbane River. It is a heritage-listed collection of gardens that houses greenery perfect for outdoor walks and scenic stages. Some of the sites may be booked for special events.
  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: Right at the heart of Brisbane is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, considered the largest of its kind. The sanctuary features around 130 koalas, as well as some kangaroos, all of which can be interacted with while in a natural Australian wildlife setting.
  • Australia Zoo: Around an hour’s drive north of Brisbane will lead to the Australia Zoo started by the late Steve Irwin.
  • Theme Parks: Movieworld and Sea World are available for those who are interested in theme parks.
  • Surfers Paradise: Looking for seaside resorts? Head down 78 kilometres south of Brisbane and life on the beach will welcome both residents and tourists.

There’s plenty to look forward when you have the Brisbane Cruise Terminal as your next destination!

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