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Carnival Vista Redfrog Pub

Working Brewery on Carnival Vista for BrewPub Fans

In the past few years there has been a movement toward trying locally brewed beers. Travellers and vacationers are accustomed to sampling regional products, and always eager to try new things. Carnival Cruise Line ships have themselves become destinations on the vacation – so they decided to set up their own onboard brewery.

Plans are already underway to serve the first ever Carnival beer brewed on the high-seas. Carnival Vista is scheduled to debut in 2016, and the RedFrog pub will be brewing three varieties of house-made ale in a specially constructed viewing room.

Eddie Allen, Carnival vice president for beverage operations, is eagerly anticipating the opening of the BrewPub and looking forward to seeing passengers enjoying the new beer.

“Our guests love beer, and they love trying new things,” Allen said.

Carnival Vista Redfrog Pub

Carnival Vista Redfrog Pub

Local beers in demand

The strategy could work out well for Carnival. There are approximately 3,000 legal breweries in the US alone, so it’s understandable the travellers want to enjoy local offerings. Brew Pubs, microbreweries and regional craft breweries have all experienced tremendous growth in recent years – and Carnival decided to test their own brewing skills against the best.

Understanding the desire of BrewPub aficionados, Carnival Vista bars will be providing boutique beers originating at cruise port destinations such as Hawaiian Maui Brewing Company beer, or Abita beer from New Orleans. More local craft beers will be seen on all Carnival Cruise Line ships as part of the growing BrewPub craze – and to satisfy passenger expectations.

For the Brewing team on Carnival Vista, it’s all systems go. The crew are even milling their own grains on-site. Dedicated brewmasters ensure quality is ideal, and Allen seems happy with progress.

“We want to be sure we’re putting our heart into this beer and making the best product we can.”

Carnival Vista Redfrog Pub

Carnival Vista Redfrog Pub

The changing face of beer-tasting

The Carnival Vista pub even invites passengers to pour their own BrewPub onboard beer from tabletop taps. Brewery tours and tasting are also planned. Along with the new beers, the RedFrog Pub also stocks a large range of alternative beers, cocktails and spirits.

Apart from Carnival Vista, only Aida Cruises from Germany has a ship with a working brewery.

Mass-market beers such as Bud Light and Corona remain popular sellers for thirsty cruisers, but craft beer fans are expecting variety and taste sensations that remind them of their cruise. It’s becoming more and more common to witness drinkers trying several brands of beer, rather than just sticking to their favourite.

Carnival Vista another “game-changer”

The RedFrog Pub is not the only exciting initiative on Carnival Vista. The ship is actually awash with new developments that include flying pedal bikes and the first ever at-sea IMAX theatre.

The screen will rise three decks high and showcase the latest and greatest films and documentaries. The 3D IMAX theatre is sure to be a hit with passengers wanting a break from the sun or to unwind. How well patrons of the RedFrog Pub enjoy the IMAX 3D attractions will probably be related to how much they have to drink.

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