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P&O Pacific Aria

Short Cruises from Brisbane in 2016

The Southern Queensland border is an unofficial demarcation point between temperate regions further south and the sub-tropical and tropical regions of the north. Add to this the close proximity of the South Pacific Islands along with coastal Australia and it’s no wonder Brisbane is a year-round port of embarkation. Brisbane is a short cruise specialist with plenty of great cruising options during 2016.

We get some idea of the options available when investigating cruises between 2-7 nights. Queensland coastal icons such as Fraser Island and Hamilton Island are within easy reach. Further afield, Willis Island, Mystery Island, Noumea and many more islands can be on the itinerary during a week exploring the tropics. Brisbane itself has forged a unique identity as the sunshine capital, and is well worth a visit for a day or two. Here are a few short cruises from Brisbane in 2016 worth investigating.

Pacific Dawn deck

Pacific Dawn deck

Pacific Dawn: 7 night South Pacific Cruise, 2 April 2016

It’s surprising how many Australians are yet to visit our nearby tropical neighbours. Island nations such as New Caledonia and Vanuatu conjure an air of mystique and mystery to Australians and it’s only a matter of time before curiosity gets the better of us. P&O Pacific Dawn is among many vessels plying the South Pacific waters all year round, with the P&O brand a firm favourite among long time Australian cruisers.

Pacific Dawn has undergone several refurbishments and upgrades since its launch in 1991. The enduring aesthetic appeal of Pacific Dawn is in no small part due to the architectural input of famous Italian architect, Renzo Piano. The plaza-like cosmopolitan interior is typical of Piano’s style of bringing people together in public spaces. This 7 night cruise on Pacific Dawn visits Noumea, Lifou  and Vila, providing a smorgasbord of sensory experiences in a world far removed from home.


Pacific Dawn Suite

Pacific Dawn Suite

Pacific Dawn: Whitsunday Cruise, 24 May 2016

The weather in late May can be getting a bit dodgy in Brisbane, whereas the northern Queensland tropics are just coming into their own for another year. The tropics from the Whitsundays to the top are ideal between May-October, and Pacific Dawn has changed her tack to take advantage of the prevailing conditions.

On this 4 night voyage, P&O Pacific Dawn stays for a day at Airlie Beach, a famous gateway to the Barrier Reef and islands. With a passenger capacity of just under 2,000, and a height stretching 11 passenger decks, Pacific Dawn is roomy enough to explore and also fun for socialising. The tempting delights of the many restaurants, bars and clubs will satisfy most whims, and the free onboard entertainments and attractions will keep the whole family engaged and exploring.


Sun Princess Atrium

Sun Princess Atrium

Sun Princess: 2 nights Brisbane to Sydney Cruise, 9 June 2016

Princess Cruises are offering several 2 night Brisbane to Sydney cruises during 2016. This seemingly ordinary cruise is actually a great opportunity for newcomers to experience the fun of cruising. Firstly, the price is very tempting. Comparing cruise prices to that of a land-based vacation with associated hotel, rental car and other costs, the cruise wins hands down.

Any cruise budget will include a few extra dollars for special treats. However, on a 2 night cruise it’s almost as convenient to rely on complimentary services alone. A 2 night cruise from Brisbane to Sydney on Sun Princess can be a romantic getaway, celebration, company event or family holiday. Sydney is the start of a whole new adventure.


Pacific Aria and Eden penthouse

Pacific Aria Penthouse

Pacific Aria: 7 night Queensland Cruise, 22 July 2016

Some people are fortunate enough to spend summer in Brisbane and winter in Cairns. A July visit to Cairns on P&O Pacific Aria will show you why Cairns is Australia’s winter holiday escape capital. The Queensland tropics and Great Barrier Reef are the attractions, while the opportunity to stay awhile and soak up the tropical Australian lifestyle is a real bonus.

This 7 night voyage takes in Willis Island, an important Australian weather monitoring location situated on a sandy cay 450 kilometres east of Cairns. A day spent on Hamilton Island is a great chance to take a dip in the warm tropical waters and commune with the abundant sea life. Pacific Aria is suited to passengers who want the destinations to be the cruise highlights. Aria hosts a little over 1,500 passengers and delivers nicely on all expected cruise ship services and entertainments. This slightly smaller ocean-going vessel can visit and manoeuvre ports that are not accessible by larger ships.


P&O Pacific Aria

Pacific Aria

While southern Australians hibernate during winter, the tropics come to life. Brisbane becomes the prominent east-coast port for journeys to the South Pacific islands, while Australia’s north-east coast is right outside the back door. Short cruises from Brisbane in 2016 are more popular than ever for many good reasons.

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