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How To Find The Best Cruise Deals?

Finding the best cruise deal is more about strategy than luck. Customers are no longer guided solely by the advice of a travel agent, although their suggestions can provide short cuts to the best price. Most travellers enjoy finding a bargain dream cruise at a price worth bragging about, and it can pay to investigate all options before making a final decision.

Cruise line expansion for supply and demand

The price of cruises is determined by the passenger capacity along with the ability to fill cabin berths. Prices drop when passenger numbers are down, as a full capacity voyage is preferable to a half filled one. Conversely, prices rise when passenger numbers are up. There are many bigger and newer cruise ships on the market than ever before, catering to an increasingly diverse range of customers, with resultant options across the board to suit every budget range. By being flexible regarding your ship, destination and travel dates you will be able to find the best cruise deals around.

Investigate inclusions

Cruise companies make a lot of their profit from onboard customer spending. When ascertaining your cruise budget, take everything into consideration, including drinks, excursions, personal fitness classes and airfares. Cruise fares generally include meals, entertainment and activities, with additional extras incurring extra expense.

Trust the experts

A good travel agent will help you secure the best possible deal. Agents work with cruise lines and often have access to exceptional deals. Some of the best deals aren’t posted on web sites as cruise companies encourage reciprocal arrangements with preferred travel agents. If you do find a great price online, it’s still worth checking if your agent can beat the advertised price. Some travel agents also offer gratuities and onboard credit resulting in savings that can be used to further personalise your cruise adventure.

Drive to your port

When searching for a good deal, it makes sense to find ships that depart from your home city. It’s no use paying for a bargain basement cruise only to discover the pricey air fare required to get you to the launch. The air travel expense will be exacerbated even further during peak holiday seasons, so finding a suitable local cruise departure point will keep your budget on track.

Mention your age

Cruising is one activity where age can be an advantage. For many cruise companies, older passengers are a target audience, and seniors discounts are often encouraged to keep the trend going. Make sure to mention your age to your travel agent as part of your booking strategy.

Finding the best cruise deal is a many-pronged approach. Your cruise deal research can include traditional booking agents, online investigation, chat rooms and blogs, plus instant messaging and email updates to ensure you are in touch with the right people at the right time. Finding the best cruise deal is easier than ever for the savvy traveller, and the range of destinations and service options continue to grow to suit every market segment.

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  1. Last minute cruise deals are OK, when you have a relatively flexible workplace/employer. Most of the companies I’ve worked at asked for 3-4 weeks notice before a long holiday, so these last minute deals were out… 🙁

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